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Real Estate Investment Ideas


This site contains ideas for investing in Real Estate. More ideas will be added over time.

Idea #1: Developing previously un-developable properties for Profit!

There are properties that were previously un-developable due to substandard soil, high water tables or any of several other reasons that made it impossible to install septic systems.

Thanks to modern septic technology, these problems have been solved today by the use of alternative septic systems.

This means that there is an opportunity for those with the desire to invest in Real Estate to profit by purchasing property that is thought to be un-developable and then develop it using modern technology.

Until just recently, such properties were thought to be worthless. These properties can be purchased at a low cost and then developed to sell for a profit!

Alternative septic systems may seem expensive when compared to conventional septic systems but are just part of the necessary cost of doing business in this case.

In other words, the opportunity to profit is made possible by these systems and does not exist otherwise.

This idea is something that I realized when I discovered alternative septic systems for myself.

Good Luck with your real estate investments!

Vince Thomas

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